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14 September 2011 @ 11:18 pm

Hey beautiful ladies!!!!!!!! I've missed you so so much and I have no excuse for this absence. I think it was the lack of inspiration and will too :s but after an event that great I just couldn't be MIA anymore. I just saw the trailer of BD and I'm getting so nervous. I guess it's my favourtie book and I'm afraid of getting dissapointed cause I'm expecting so much. There's a lot of scenes that just can't be ruined. I couldn't accept it. Like the one where Edward touches Bella's belly (this is why I put the screencap), it's one of my expected scenes. It was just glimpse but I really loved it!!! I loved the little part between Jack and Bella. It was short but so beautiful and moving! Angryward is back with "you've given me no choice". It excites me when he gets angry like that, so manly!!
I just laughed so hard when I saw Rob trying to lift Kristen. We can obviously notice that he DID put a lot of effrot in the lif. I don't think there's more thiner (lighter) than Kris xD

I just hope I'll be back for good even though college is starting soon. I know for sure that this year will be harder. I won't have any time to rest but I'll do my best to appear once in a while and keep you entertained with my little manips :)
Nawel's manips
29 June 2011 @ 12:19 am


Faint pressure inside the crease of my elbow. Another whisper. "Bella, I love you. Bella, I'm sorry."

I wanted so much to answer him, but I wouldn't make his pain worse. Not while I had the strength to hold myself still.

Hi my friends. I'm so sorry for this absence. I'm quite busy these days. I'm in vacation but I'm trying to practice some hobbies that pretty much take a lot of free time.
I just stole some hours to do this manip. I hope it's a little realistic. It's more prince and princess but I thought that the quote of Breaking Dawn will fit a little. I love that part where Bella hears Edward talking to her. That was so beautiful <3
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14 April 2011 @ 12:21 am

Ice skating yes!!!! Next time I'll make them playing catch!! Just kidding :P

A little request from a twitter friend. But it's been a while that I wanted to do a manip of Edward/Bella skating. The bases of ice skaters couple are just beautiful, especially the famous canadian atheletes ♥ Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue ♥, they're just flawless and I'm totally in love with them. Ahh ice skating is one of my impossible dreams, I never have and probably never will cause the weather isn't appropriate in my country. Whaterver !!!


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27 March 2011 @ 06:54 pm

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18 February 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Today I'm 22, Happy birthday to me !!!!

I had a pretty ordinary day. I spent the morning answering birthday wished and then I went to my acting lesson's and came back. I'm pretty tired. My family didn't wish a happy birthday cause it's part of a plan. They wait an other day or two and surprise me. We do have pretty funny traditions when it comes to birthdays. We even do wish list (like christmas) and my parents and sisters choose what they will buy me. I hope I'll get what I want lolll

Anyway, it's a remake of Romeo & Juliet (1968). I really love this movie. I know that not my best work but I tired to post something on birthday so I had to do it quickly :s

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25 January 2011 @ 09:49 pm

hum ... no that great I know!! I had some troubles with Bella's head, it took me a while but I had to finish and post it. It was waiting too much longer.
Little advice : if you notice any flaw, act like you didn't see it :P

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25 January 2011 @ 08:03 pm


My manips were printed in "FAMOUS" magazine (it's an australian magazine). Wooooohooooooo my manips are actually good enough to be printed!! YAY

Thank's to [info]esmeroxs for scanning me the pages. Without her I wouldn't even know that my graphics where used. Thank you so much my friend ♥♥♥♥♥ You made my day!

Gosh I'm so happy, they even mentionned my name and my LJ, my baby LJ is famous!!! :D
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18 January 2011 @ 12:23 am

All the standard traditions were kept. I was blinded by flashbulbs as we held the knife over a spectacular cake—too grand, I thought, for our relatively intimate group of friends and family. We took turns shoving cake in each other’s faces; Edward manfully swallowed his portion as I watched in disbelief.

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05 January 2011 @ 07:14 pm

Happy new year to all of you my lovelies!!!! I hope you had a great time in new year's eve. I wish you a beautiful year full of happiness and success.
Yeah yeah!! I'm late but not that late, I've been a little busy with my exams. Now I'm a sort of free and I'm using my freedom to post a new manip. What else?!! :P
Thank's for adding me as a friend, it makes me really really happy to see that some people like my work and would like to follow me but don't be shy, let me know what you think :)

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19 December 2010 @ 10:56 pm

Here it is niki1988 , your christmas gift. I knew it's a little early but I was afraid of not be here when I should post it (plus : we don't celebrate christmas) I know that's sucks but it's not in our believes :s whatever I shouldn't talk about it. I just hope you'll like ;)

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